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my current lineup of climbing shoes…

just got the Anasazi LV’s, and I absolutely love them so far. I wanted a non-aggressive shoe to train in and for slab/all-day climbing, and they have not disappointed.

loving the Blackwings, exactly what I need for my indoor bouldering/training. and I’ll always love the Dragons (go-to outdoor performance shoe) and the TEAMS (go-to competition/indoor performance shoe). can’t wait for the new ones in the Fall!

  1. westcoastwayfarer said: I love my Anasazis so fucking much! They molded to my foot so nicely, it might as well be a second skin. Pumped about the Blackwings! Been eyeing them for a while and am heading out to Redlands at the end of the month to hopefully pick up a pair!
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    We had a 5.10 demo today and usually I can’t get down with 5.10 because their heels just don’t fit, but I climbed in...
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