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mickeys 007 by to_defy_gravity on Flickr.

Tabya Sultan getting bold on “Walkin’ A Thin Line” (5.10c R) at Mickey’s Beach, CA

Photo Credit: Dusty Glasner

regram from @betsysaur. working on “This Is Your Brain On Drugs”, an amazing climb at the Egg at Mickey’s Beach. I struggled mightily on this line and definitely underestimated it. It was humbling, but a really great experience and reminder to never stop working hard. Climbing right next to the ocean was so surreal, and I’m excited to get back and project this - hopefully I won’t catch as much hang time next trip! (at Mickey’s Beach)

@stirminator sending “Lost Keys Traverse” (V6) at Sanborn-Skyline Park, CA

it’s the weekend - get outside and CRUSH!

unknown climber on “Short Subject” (5.11d) at Donner Summit, CA

it’s certainly been an interesting trip back to the East Coast! I’m glad to have gotten some time in Hatteras before Hurricane Arthur and with family in Delaware and here in New Jersey. but I’m ready to return to California and get back to climbing - last night in Jersey, til next time!

sunrise over the Oregon Inlet on our way off Hatteras. it’s a beautiful morning, but it won’t last - Arthur is now a hurricane. stay safe everyone! (at Herbert C Bonner Bridge)

well, this trip is ending earlier than expected - after 25 years of coming to Hatteras, this is the first time we’ve ever had to evacuate. Tropical System Arthur is making its way towards the Outer Banks, and we’re packing up and heading out. no amount of time is ever enough time here; it always hurts to leave. but right now, I’m most concerned for the island and all the residents here. stay safe, and I hope it’s less serious than projected. til next time! (at Frisco, Cape Hatteras, North Carolina)

#lifeisbetterinboardshorts not really any waves, but making the most of it with my #slydehandboard. dropped into a few small but nice barrels today - getting more comfortable in the shorebreak! fingers crossed for some real swell soon #getshacked #nobaddays (at Frisco, Cape Hatteras, North Carolina)

I’ve been coming here for 25 years, and this place is like home to me. I miss it so much when I’m away - it feels so good to be back. #nobaddays #lifeisbetterinboardshorts (at Frisco, Cape Hatteras, North Carolina)

IMG_5289 by to_defy_gravity on Flickr.

Urs Moosmuller onsighting “All Guns Blazing”, the 5.13a testpiece at Big Chief in Tahoe, CA.

Photo Credit: Dusty Glasner

had an incredible weekend in Tahoe! didn’t get to Star Wall, but went back to Big Chief and came oh so close to sending a sweet climb in the cave. I did manage to flash my hardest sport climb ever outside though! definitely a great two days, and it was so good to catch up and climb with my old friend @ursmoosmuller. thanks to @tabstagram1 for the belays (and for driving) and @skratchlabs for the hydration. can’t wait to come back soon! (at Lake Tahoe)

if so, friend me! thatclimberguy

to celebrate my last night of being 25 (such a great year!), I did a little #birthdaychallenge - 26 climbs of 5.10 or harder in the gym. so psyched to have sent all 26 (with a victory whip at the end, of course)! it was tiring, rewarding, and a ton of fun…it felt so good to try hard. my skin hurts and I’m exhausted, but I can’t think of a better way to commemorate my birthday. many many many thanks to @skratchlabs for the hydration throughout the night and to my awesome and patient belayer @tabstagram1 - you rock! here’s to an even better year…can’t wait to see what 26 has in store for me! (at Mission Cliffs Indoor Rock Climbing Gym)

#tbt to last September, bouldering at Panther Beach with an East Coast crew. beautiful place to climb!

@skratchlabs - the best hydration product out there! thanks for keeping me hydrated out there at the crag and fueling the pursuit of my passions. made from scratch - taste. real. performance.