25. Climber. Skratch Labs Ambassador. Musician. Surfer. Adventurer. Loves guitars around the campfire. Constant state of Wanderlust.

there is no path to happiness; happiness is the path


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here’s a #gpoyw. fauxhawk, hipster glasses, tank top, @skratchlabs - looks about right. thanks for the picture @veronicasaylor! #skratchlabs

really amazing show by @thecolourist and their supporting acts tonight! such an incredible group of musicians, had a great night at Bottom of the Hill! (at Bottom of the Hill)

"Suburbia, stop pushing / I know what I’m doing" -The Wonder Years, "And Now I’m Nothing" (at Park Ridge)

apparently my blog is 5 years old today. crazy! Tumblr’s been there for me through a whole lot over the past few years, and I’m so thankful for that. My usage comes and goes in waves lately, but I still love it just the same. some of my best friends have come from this ridiculous website, and I really appreciate the climbing community that’s formed here. three cheers for five years (catch the reference) - here’s to five more.

@clairebuhrfeind and @dawoods89 during #scsnationals finals at @senderone last night. congrats to all the competitors who crushed this weekend! I had a blast and can’t wait to compete again next year. @usaclimbing (at Sender One Climbing, Yoga and Fitness)

so proud of @sashadigiulian and the way she fought here at #scsnationals! way to crush it, psyched to see you back on the podium! (at Sender One Climbing, Yoga and Fitness)

representing @skratchlabs here at #scsnationals! #skratchlabs (at Sender One Climbing, Yoga and Fitness)

#tbt to almost exactly four years ago to the day when I went climbing outside for the first time ever for a class at @william_and_mary. it took me a year to get into the sport, but it’s been all downhill since then! a lot has changed, but I think my try-hard face is still the same. I’m off to #scsnationals at @senderone tomorrow, and I can’t be happier that my life went down this path. psyched! #skratchlabs @skratchlabs

last climbing day before #scsnationals! feeling great and ending this training period on the right note. I’m not as ready as I wanted to be, but I definitely am as ready as I’m gonna be! it may not be pretty, but it’s gonna be a blast. psyched! @skratchlabs #skratchlabs @usaclimbing @senderone (at Planet Granite)

tripped over the curb yesterday, rolled my ankle on the sidewalk. it’s swollen and hurts a bit, but I was able to climb last night (though putting my shoe on was a bit dicey). I should be fine for Nationals this Friday, but man, what poor timing! I think I’m pretty darn graceful on the wall, but I can’t walk in a straight line down the sidewalk…such a klutz.

#tbt to over a year ago when I was on top of my sport climbing game. injuries derailed most of 2013 for me, but I’m feeling pretty strong again and am so stoked for #scsnationals next week! it’ll be a great experience, and hopefully I won’t embarrass myself too much!

#sunset over the Bay last night. sometimes I forget how beautiful this area really can be. (at Li Ka Shing Center for Biomedical and Health Sciences)

0029 by to_defy_gravity on Flickr.

Dusty Glasner on Jedi Mind Tricks (V4), Pollen Grains, Bishop, CA

Photo Credit: Wes Miraglio

had a blast at the @planetgranite Friction comp tonight! this was the opening boulder problem on one of the routes - so cool! though I didn’t get to climb much, it was a great tuneup for #scsnationals. psyched to come back over to PG before then to train, too (at Planet Granite)

need music suggestions for my pre-comp playlist. preferably electronic/dubstep/exactly what you hear in every climbing gym ever. you know, the usual. go!